SUP Yoga cobra pose Tenerife

SUP Yoga – Second part

SUP Yoga – Second part My 10 favourite asanas If you are a yoga enthusiast, you have probably heard about SUP yoga or Paddle board yoga, which is practised on a stand up paddle board . When you practise SUP yoga outdoors  on a body of water, the wind and slight motion of the water […]

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Garachico Santa Ana square

Garachico and a rose

Garachico – two crazy ones in the mist Life on an island is so different from life in the continent. Tenerife is a tiny piece of land, sometimes covered with the haze of the Sahara sand. The size of this strange volcanic paradise challenges habits, and closes the way out of one’s self. Here, you […]

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tenerife SUP yoga one

SUP Yoga – Part one

SUP Yoga – Why is it good for you Yoga, in general, improves your flexibility, your balance, your body circulation, your mental focus, and the oxygen flow through your body. Practising yoga on a SUP board takes your practise to a whole new level. It’s fun, challenging, beautiful (because you are doing it outdoors, and […]

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icod de los vinos wall


“Screw you, fu**ing commies!!!!!”  cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov probably shouted, before he burned to ashes crossing the layers of the Earth’s atmosphere after his parachute failed to open in a badly-made soviet tin can: the descent module of Soyuz – 1. After yesterday’s trip to Icod de Los Vinos in Tenerife, I understood that my good friend and  […]

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Stand Up Paddling in Los Gigantes with SUP.Team

Me, the islander

My name is Natalia and I am a Spanish islander. I consider myself an Islander because, although I was born in Spain, which is for the most part a peninsula, for the last 4 years I have only managed to live on islands. 🙂 Me, the fish My love for the water started as a […]

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